At long last, my friends have a home

The tool cabinet is finally complete. This was supposed to be a winter build but between work, home, remodeling the basement well time just got away from me.

I was going for sort of a GreeneĀ  & Greene look. The primary wood is Kentucky Coffee Tree, panels are ambrosia maple which turned out to have some really nice figure which the pictures don’t show very well (I need a better camera) and ebony plugs.

Anyhow,the cabinet:

Detail of the joinery on the corners of the carcasse, all done by hand.

Detail of the door design:

Loaded up and ready for business:

Next project on deck is a DVD cabinet for my brother. I had intended to do something else next, but I’m tired of tripping over the walnut plywood I have to make the cabinet. Cheers!

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